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Author Bio

Welcome to my site! I'm a journalist, educator, and author who writes books for Adults, Middle Grade readers (8-12) and Young Adults (13-19).

My family is from Kashmir, in the north of India, and I was born in Croydon (London, UK). I have lived in Buenos Aires and Calgary, but these days, I call Toronto home.


This is where I blog about my characters, the writing process, research, and much more.

I'm an experienced moderator and public speaker, so please reach out for your events and/or festivals. 

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Available for Sale

All my books are available through Amazon, and the newer ones are available in most indie bookstores, but if you're having trouble finding one, or you want them signed, I'm happy to sell directly to you at cost!

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"In case you need a little humour with your thrills and chills, check out Trip of the Dead, the hilarious sequel to her comical zombie thriller, Pickles vs. The Zombies. Trip, the intrepid raccoon hero of her earlier book, with a little help from his feline friend, Ginger, and Emmy the Wonder-Hamster, leaves his pet humans and sets off on a quest to see if rumours that raccoons are being held hostage in a zombie-free encampment are true."


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