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If you missed this fabulous panel I moderated today (featuring writers Dorothy Ellen Palmer, Sheena Kamal and Andrea Gunraj) the folks at Word on the Street Toronto have uploaded it here:

Interesting thing to come up in today: what would a regular person (not a politician or a journalist) have called Canada back when Laura Secord was around? Through my research, I think they would have referred to it as "the province of Canada" or "Canada." I can't find a lot of references in non-journalistic material written at the time to "Upper Canada."

Some research:

"Ranging in age from 3-6 months, the 4077th are an excitable bunch of kittens of many colors and fur densities. Most had been rescued by humans and our own small fellowship, but not a few had been born within the safety of this compound and had never been outside into the real world. Lucky mammals." - Trip of the Dead

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