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We're walking on air over here at the menagerie! Thank you to the wonderful students and teachers who voted Pickles VS the Zombies as their favourite English fiction book of 2021!

Learn more about the Hackmatack Awards here.

Congratulations to Rachel Poliquin and illustrator Byron Eggenschwiler for their win for best English nonfiction and Karine Gottot & Maxim Cyr and Alexandra Larochelle and illustré Yohann Morin for their French fiction and non-fiction wins respectively.

Need a way to mark your place in the Tales from the Apocalypse books? How about these lovely downloadable/printable bookmarks?

Created by Kenzie Pilling.

Download PDF • 1.00MB

Hey teachers! My publishers at DCB and 49th Shelf have posted a handy-dandy discussion guide for Pickles vs the Zombies for your fab students.

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