Frequently asked questions

Who runs this site?

This is a one-woman operation over here (or a one-woman + several cat helpers operation depending on the felines' moods). That means that if you comment, yes, I see it, so be kind!

Why can't I get all your books through Amazon or my local indie bookstore?

This is a sad story that is all too common in the publishng industry: my first publishers went out of business, so my rights reverted back to me, and now I'm the only one who can sell the first three Portia Adams Adventure books. There are a few indie bookstores in Toronto that I sell my books on commission (Book City on St. Clair West for example), but otherwise, if you want paperback copies of Jewel of the Thames, Thrice Burned or No Matter How Improbable, your only options are Amazon (where I sell them as print-to-order) or directly from me.

Are your books available in other languages?

They are not, much to my frustration - so if you are a foreign publisher, get in touch please! I am very open to seeing Pickles in many many languages!

Do you have an agent?

I have in the past had agents, but I am not currently represented. I do have a truly fabulous entertainment lawyer whom I have recommended to several friends.

I'm a writer, can I ask you for advice?

Absolutely, and I wil do my best to answer your questions as honestly and quickly as I can. I was lucky to have several established authors as mentors in my journey, and that's a situation I'm happy to pass on.

Can I buy film rights/TV rights/rights to a screenplay for any of your books?

That depends on which books you're looking to option. Some are already spoken for and some are not. Email me directly to find out more.

I'm a teacher, can you visit my classroom?

Can I! Just try to stop me! Seriously, I love visiting classrooms to talk about mysteries, writing, the Pickles universe, really anything that kids want to talk about. I do work at The Walrus full-time and I teach at Ryerson part-time, so it's really just about finding the right window to Zoom into your classroom. Email me about availability and we'll make it happen.