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A scene with Dr. Gavin Whitaker

Richard Armitage could totally play Gavin Whitaker

Richard Armitage could totally play Gavin Whitaker. Check out THAT smoulder.

This is a scene from Thrice Burned:

“I couldn’t help but notice just how many heads my attractive escort turned his way as we walked. His height and the breadth of his shoulders set him apart from many of the men on the street, but I believe it was the confidence that fairly smoldered out of his very being – from his walk to the set of his jaw – that brought the female eye his way.

He acknowledged none of them, even the more obvious, and seemed content to walk in silence the rest of the journey to the café, whereupon my companion shook off his dour mood and debated politics with me for the better part of an hour over scones and tea. “

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