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A very kind nomination for an Inspiring Blogger Award!

Well isn’t that a nice surprise for a Sunday Afternoon – the very talented Jeremiah over at Nostrovia! Poetry nominated me for an Inspiring Blogger Award. I was nominated a second time (Wow! when it rains, it pours) by the The Living Notebook, another inspirational blogger if I am any judge of it… In addition to adding all the other bloggers he nominated to the ones I follow (coincidence? I already follow all but two!) I must pass on the kindness to the 15 Inspiring bloggers I have come across recently:

  1. Ramblings of a Bipolar woman

  2. Misha Burnett

  3. Smiles in the Sky

  4. Irish Firebrands

  5. 900 Pound Gorilla

  6. Star Stolen Writings

  7. Rami Ungar the Writer

  8. Judith Post

  9. Prinze Charming

  10. Luce Writer

  11. Prodigal Daughter

  12. Dry Bred Quips

  13. Fay Moore

  14. Serenity Writer

  15. Michael Cavacini

I know the next rule is I’m supposed to write 7 things about myself, but since that is a rather unspecific set of guidelines, I choose to write 7 things I look for inspiring writers:

  1. Modesty. Knowledge is awesome, and I’m thrilled you choose to share it, but being a show-off is not a turn-on, so you will not be followed. The bloggers listed above are talented AND modest. Key.

  2. Personality. ’nuff said, Angie-don’t-follow-‘bots.

  3. Love of the craft (another one that is obvious if you click any of the links above)

  4. New ideas and new approaches

  5. Insight into their worlds

  6. Conversation in their comments, I like to be talked to when I comment on your blog, and I try to do the same.

  7. Humor. So key to a good blog, even if your writing is serious, try and have fun on your blog!

#writing #inspiringbloggeraward #beautifulbloggeraward #kudos #grateful

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