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This post was prompted by the following tweet from @stefgunning :

I think @stefgunning has gathered some encouraging quotes to be sure, but I got to thinking about all the great advice I’ve gotten from the blogosphere about writing. Truth is I care more about what my virtual friends say than ‘famous’ people who know nothing about me, my passion or my writing.

So here is some of the best advice that has been given to me on this blog by all of you:

Christine’s advice on researching historical fiction (though there are a 10 other examples of her advice on this site!)

MJ’s advice on how to write a villain!

Ram’s advice on book events (but honestly, he has so much great advice it was hard to pick just one!)

Phantom Writer’s advice on writing a series

Chris’ advice on the best swag

Andrew has some advice about writing a secret note

Vevacha weighs in on the same topic!

Kate Person has some ideas about historical maps

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given about writing?

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