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Character Profile: Elaine Barclay

On to Miss Elaine Barclay in my list of Character Profiles (the full list here):

The Barclays

James and Elaine Barclay

FULL NAME: Elaine Caroline Barclay (eventually Elaine Caroline Ridley after she gets married)

AGE: in 1929 she is 22-years-old, therefore born in 1908.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Green eyes, very slim (almost emaciated when Portia first meets her) and tall, long brown hair, high cheekbones, an aristocratic bearing.

LOCATION: London, lives with her father and brother. Moves in with her husband after their wedding.

EDUCATION:  Farlington School for Girls, and then Somerville College for Law.

PREFERENCES: Being brought up as the daughter of an influential and rich Judge, Elaine Barclay enjoys the finer things in life, and upon her father’s death becomes the sole heir to his considerable fortune. She’s a clothes horse and leads the fashionistas in London, travels to the rest of Europe a lot, and has many connections with the Royal family in the UK, Italy and Germany.

SOCIALLY: Mother has died, father is alive at the beginning of ‘A Case of Darkness’, has a younger brother named James Barclay who has aspirations to the theatre. Marries Dr. Ridley  at the beginning of ‘Truth be Told.”

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