Creative Juices: a finite resource

Creative Juices: a finite resource

a finite resource

It is true my friends, there is a finite amount of creative juices and for the past few weeks, I’ve been deploying all my juice towards non-writing projects. [gasp!] No, it’s true, I admit it! First, it was my husband’s birthday and I threw myself into building a BBQ Buddy™. Yes, I am trade-marking that name because I [drumroll please!] invented it. Or at least I could not find such a thing at Home Depot, so I created one from scratch. It is a combination chest/table that sits next to our BBQ that can hold items such as charcoal and also be a resting place for plates and utensils. You can see the final product here if you are so inclined.

In addition, I have been attending a mosaic class to ascertain just how hard it would be to create a mosaic for my upstairs bathroom. NB: It is HARD. ‘Nuff said on that topic.

Finally, my parentals require my arms and Tetris skills in helping to build their outdoor patio (out of patio stone, hence the Tetris reference) so I have been spending any spare moments at their house hauling around 16×16″ stones with them.

Suffice to say that poor Portia has been sitting glumly on a streetcorner in downtown London waiting for me to refill my juice box and apply it to her latest casebook. As soon as I do, I will be back here fellow-bloggers, I swear. Until then, I hope you are all well, that you are enjoying the beautiful weather and that the juice is still flowing into your respective projects!

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