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Daily Prompt: Portia’s Flip Flop

The best 180 turn I’ve seen in a long time!

So as you might know, I only take on a Daily Prompt for this blog when I think it pertains to my characters and because of the last casebook I just finished writing, and am now transcribing, I can participate in this one!

The Prompt: Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

In ‘No Matter how Improbable‘ I introduced a new character named Dr. Heather Olsen — she will turn out to be significant to the case Portia is struggling through, and not to spoil anything, but to Portia’s life.

But the reason I want to talk about her for this daily prompt is that Portia does a complete 180 in her opinion of the woman. Our detective starts from a place of suspicion and curiosity, moves quickly to resentment and anger and finally, to understanding and appreciation.

How does Portia change her mind so dramatically?

I would hope in the same way most of us do when we start a relationship on the wrong foot, or by elevating  first impressions and sometimes misconceptions above experience with the person. I have always been a person who believed in first impressions, but only in the most positive sense.

I like it when I ‘hit it off’ with someone right away, I do take that to mean we have a connection that can grow into a friendship. But as we all know, the opposite can happen – you can meet someone and something about them that first time just rubs you the wrong way. Or you hear people talking about that person before you even meet them and that sours your first actual chat with them.

It is only in getting to know the doctor, in seeing her in action, and in finally admitting the value she brings to the investigation that Portia changes her mind. Portia is a stubborn character, who relies so much on her logic and inductive skills that she doesn’t easily move past them or change her mind about the first data she is presented. It is a testament to Olsen as a character (and I better make sure it’s written that way) that she is able to move Portia and become an ally.

Back to transcribing friends!

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