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Daily Prompt: The Normal


Stand-out in a crowd

As always, I only take on a Daily Prompt for this blog when I think it pertains to my characters, and in this case, it very much does.

Portia Adams is not what you would consider normal, except in the most visual sense. She looks normal, she dresses ‘normal’ for her time, and she doesn’t seek to stand-out in any way (as to do so would be detrimental to her chosen profession).

Her mother Marie was normal in every way, and tried hard to make her daughter ‘normal’ in San Francisco for almost two decades. Their relationship was strong despite this struggle, both understanding that the other acted out of love, and their closeness was the only true friendship Portia experienced while living in the States.

Now, living in England, Portia has new friends (which is a new normal for her) and her best friend Annie has taken her mother’s place in the quest for making Portia more normal.

So here is Portia’s take on ‘Normal’ – a necessary marker from which to measure the scenes around her, but in no way important on a personal level. She doesn’t actively fight being normal, and will on occasion disguise herself to ‘fit in’ for her own purposes, but being part of the crowd will always be driven by a case rather than a feeling of security for Portia Adams.

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