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Coat of arms for the Acland Baronet

As taken from the Wikipedia article here:,_8th_Baronet

Motto Inébranlable (Unshakable) Sir John Acland, 1st Baronet (d. 1647) Sir Francis Acland, 2nd Baronet (d. 1649) Sir John Acland, 3rd Baronet (d. 1655) Sir Arthur Acland, 4th Baronet (d. 1672) Sir Hugh Acland, 5th Baronet (d. 1714) Sir Hugh Acland, 6th Baronet (1696–1728) Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 7th Baronet (1722–1785) (who was featured in the painting) Sir John Dyke Acland, 8th Baronet (1778–1785) Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 9th Baronet (1752–1794) Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 10th Baronet (1787–1871) Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 11th Baronet (1809–1898) Sir (Charles) Thomas Dyke Acland, 12th Baronet (1842–1912) Sir Arthur Herbert Dyke Acland, 13th Baronet (1847–1926) Sir Francis Dyke Acland, 14th Baronet (1874–1939) Sir Richard Dyke Acland, 15th Baronet (1906–1990) Sir John Dyke Acland, 16th Baronet (1939–2009) Sir Dominic Dyke Acland, 17th Baronet (b. 1962)

The heir apparent is the present holder’s oldest son Patrick Acland (b. 1993) The ancestral family seat is Killerton Hall, near Broadclyst, Devon, which is now owned by the National Trust.

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