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My Hero:Daily Writing Prompt: Dame Maggie Smith

Dame Maggie Smith

Like the title says, this post is a response to the Daily Prompt, which today is: My Hero!

Lots of people inspire me but my heroes are few.

Today, I choose to point out someone whom I don’t think gets enough attention, and who is in my mind when I write scenes for Mrs. Jones, grandmother to my protagonist Portia Adams.

That person is Dame Maggie Smith.

Dame Smith is one of those people who is best known for probably the least of her accomplishments – that of playing Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter series.

But in addition to that, this fine woman has won two Academy Awards, a Tony Award, SAG awards, and has performed on-stage for over 60 years.

Add to that her numerous charitable works, the fact that she defeated breast cancer, creates her own art work and you have an incredibly well-rounded role-model for women everywhere.

Despite all her accomplishments in the 77 years she has been on this earth, she manages to be (by all accounts) humble, down-to-earth, and open to learning. So there you are, my hero Dame Maggie Smith.

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