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Researching a cop killer’s psychology

The very saddest image that I would use for this post (some of the others were too offensive — not that this one isn’t)

It’s weird, but I’ve had the honour of reading my friend Rami’s developing book lately, and because it is so descriptive in the violence of a few scenes (I hope I’m not spoiling anything Rami!) I feel like researching cop killers is no big deal.

Odd that violence so quickly becomes ‘normal’ to us.

Regardless, I have been reading up on Mr. Lawrence DeVol, a well-known murderer and cop-killer from the era (if not the area, he committed his crimes in America). I think that is the direction this latest casebook is taking me, so I am willing to walk down that dark path for a little while.

I’ve also been reading about Ned Kelly (who some identify as a cop-killer, and some a folk-hero) and his crimes.

The psychology of cop killers (well of most pre-meditated murders) is complex to say the least. I am trying to avoid some of the obvious linkages (I hate cops because cops killed my father/mother/brother) and make this a more nuanced story. I’m going to try to link the death of Chief Inspector Dillon Breen Archer to this cop-killer, so stay with me, more to come as I get further into Casebook 9: No Matter How Improbable.

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