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Review of Asp of Ascension

Pre-order on Indigo here!

Pre-order on Indigo here!

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In Asp of Ascension, Bethany Myers introduces us to Nefartari Hughes (or Terry as she understandably prefers to be called). She’s every girl who went to high school and tried their best to ride through the middle of the crowd with their elbows in (so me for sure) with the added baggage of the traumatic loss of her mother.

Asp of Ascension is like Night at the Museum mixed with the humour of Mean Girls with a dollop of darkness from Should I Stay.

What sets Terry apart (much to her dismay at times) is her archaeologist parents who have passed on to her their love and understanding of ancient Egypt. What makes Terry special however is that she is starving for real relationships and has no idea how to be in one. Whether it is with she and Maud (a fantastic character who I wish I’d had the balls to be in high school) or with Zach, the prototype jock who turns out to be so much more than that.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I laughed reading this book, remembering parallel moments in my own life. I know that Terry is the hero of this story, but I have to say, I fell in love with Maud and her little family. Myers does a great job of bringing the corridors of high school to life and the dialogue rings true of the age group too. I happen to LOVE all things having to do with pharaohs so reading about Egypt and Cleopatra is just icing on the cake of a great read.

I’m instituting a new rating system and I give Asp of Ascension 4/5 sensible heels!


Stay tuned for a guest post from author Bethany Myers on the research that went into her book!

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