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Selected for the 2022 Canadian Children's Book Week Tour

Along with a bunch of authors and illustrators I admire, I've been picked for the second time to visit classrooms all over Canada as part of the Canadian Children's Book Centre tour. This is a rare, funded opportunity for authors and illustrators to engage with kids outside of our own cities and towns and I am very grateful to be part of it again (I went for the first time in 2016).

These are all 55 Canadian authors and illustrators selected for the 2022 tour (taken from the Canadian Children's Book Centre page here:

The English-language touring creators for 2022 are:

Ekiuwa Aire, author Erin Alladin, author Stephanie Cooke, graphic novelist Charis Cotter, author Anita Daher, author Sara Florence Davidson, author Emma FitzGerald, illustrator Lee Edward Födi, author/illustrator Kallie George, author Ginalina, author/singer Isabelle Groc, author/photographer Michael Hutchinson, author Jessica Scott Kerrin, author Soyeon Kim, illustrator Celia Krampien, illustrator Danica Lorer, storyteller Rob Malo, storyteller John Martz, illustrator/cartoonist Janice Lynn Mather, author Angela Misri, author Mahtab Narsimhan, author Ruth Ohi, author/illustrator Dominique Pelletier, author/illustrator/cartoonist Lois Peterson, author Rowena Rae, author Raziel Reid, author Cory Silverberg, author Karen Spafford-Fitz, author Todd Stewart, author/illustrator Gillian Sze, author Nhung Tran-Davis, author Nancy Vo, author/illustrator Eric Walters, author

The French-language touring creators for 2022 are:

Pierre-Luc Bélanger, author Claude DesRosiers et Félix LaFlamme, authors/illustrators/cartoonists Valérie Fontaine, author Mylène Fortin, author Bertrand Gauthier, author Karine Glorieux, author Rachel Graveline, author Geneviève Guilbaut, author Karine Lambert, author Mireille Levert, author/illustrator

Micheline Marchand, author Paul Martin, author/illustrator Maryse Pagé, author Jeanne Painchaud, author Dominique Pelletier, author/illustrator/cartoonist Étienne Poirier, author Laurence Prud’homme, author Cindy Roy, author Roxane Turcotte, author Élizabeth Turgeon, author

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