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Clint Eastwood

Like all of us, I sometimes forget just how lucky I am. Today is not one of those days. I got to spend a few moments with Ms. Eleanor Wachtel (name-dropping is only effective if you know she is the fabulous host of CBC Radio’s Writers & Company ; ) and even though we didn’t talk about books or writing at all, just being around her made me feel lucky.

I came home and sent out three new query letters (my query letters had dropped off in the last month because I was sad about the six I have already sent out and heard nothing from).

Ms. Wachtel has hosted Writers & Company since 1990, and I used to listen to her on the air as a kid when she was on The Arts Tonight and State of the Arts, so despite working in the same building as her for the past 13 years, there’s still a lot of hero-worship when I get to be around her.

Point is, I am lucky that I have that opportunity. And lucky I have the time and support to write here and in my little moleskin.

What do you feel lucky about?

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