That weird moment in a series…

… when you are closer in time to the launch of Book 2 than you are to the launch of Book 1.

Hence the change in the look of this site – it’s time to ramp up for Thrice Burned !

So here’s what you need to know about Portia’s return to Baker Street:

  1. We catch up with our young detective right after her eye-opening Christmas in Edinburgh

  2. She gets back to London just in time to be pulled into the spate of arsons plaguing the city

  3. Portia gets two new best friends (and one of them is a little hairy)

  4. It’s decision time for Portia Adams – is she going to be an amazing lawyer or the best detective in London since Sherlock Holmes?

  5. the three casebooks in Book 2 involve Arson, Suicide and a case of Stolen Identity

#1930s #portiaadams #detectivefiction #adventure #thriceburned

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