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Those tricksy ones and zeroes!


Yup, even the cat knows you screwed up taken from

I KNEW there was a reason I wrote in long-hand and then transcribed – it’s for days exactly like yesterday! It all started out well-planned, I was in the midst of transcribing Book 6 from the notebook to my laptop on Sunday, and, as sometimes happens, I expanded on a scene that I hadn’t really put enough detail into the first time I wrote it.


Dandy even!

That’s why they call it a first draft!

You’re sensing the calamity that is about to reveal itself — aren’t you friends?

So now we have a new scene that exists no where else in this dimension OTHER than my computer…

On Monday, my son requests a park venture (since its Easter Monday and the guy has the day off, so heck, why not) and I think “Sure, I can transcribe at the park, no problem, kid!” I pack him up, transfer my book onto a USB key and pack up the Macbook Air which is so much easier to haul around.

We get to the park where it is as windy as that scene in Twister with the cow flying through the air (I kid you not) and still I’m cool, I’m composed, I can do this.

Pull out the USB key, attach it to the MacBook Air, scroll to the end to start typing and … hey! Waitaminute! What happened to that scene I wrote!? It’s not there. Scroll up…Scroll down… search for a few keywords I knew to have written. Nothin’ ! Bubkas.

Ok, hyperventilating a bit here now, but I can’t drag the kid home… he just got here, and a little wind ain’t gonna stop this kid from swinging his little heart out or digging all the way to Australia in the sandbox.

Fine, I think to myself, typing a marker that says [insert extra scene when you get home] and then continuing my transcription from my always-reliable-never-let-me-down notebook.

You see where this ends right?

That’s right. I get home, and somehow (though it was in my head the WHOLE TIME I SWEAR) save the new copy from the USB onto the old copy on my computer and now… there is no old copy. The scene is gone. GONE I TELL YOU.

Sorry, I’m not usually this dramatic with a keyboard, but I know all of you understand.

Those of you who don’t are probably saying to yourself:  “What’s the big deal? You wrote the scene once, just write it again!”


Let me explain: no matter how close my writing is the second time, it will NOT be the same as the first time and EVEN WORSE: I will always suspect that the first lost scene was exceedingly better than the replacement scene.



I need a hug.

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