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Writing a Teacher’s Guide: Links

Teachers are the best! Photo Credit: Jennifer Brouwer Interior Design Projects

My friend Joyce Grant is an expert in teaching kids (see her website Teaching Kids News for an example of her prowess in the field) and suggested I start a Teacher’s Guide for Jewel of the Thames. She’s right, I’ve also had this request from teachers themselves.

So I’m reading up on some Guide’s for books written for the same age group (12+) – if anyone has a suggestion, please add it to the comments below?

Meanwhile, here is where I am collecting useful links:

  1. Women on Writing: teacher’s guides for childrens books

  2. A teacher’s guide for your children’s book by Jacqueline Vick

  3. Help me write a teacher’s guide by Steve Krug

  4. Rick Riorden’s teacher’s guide for The Lightning Thief

  5. Lawrence Hill’s teacher’s guide for Book of Negroes

  6. Harper Collin’s Teacher’s Guide And then there were none by Agatha Christie

  7. a PBS teacher’s guide to Huck Finn by Mark Twain

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