Writing is writing is writing (right?)

writing begets more writing

My thinking was this: all writing effort is good effort, and since I can’t spend all day every day for the next few months actually writing my novels, I would spend all day every day writing.

Writing articles for publications, writing blog posts, writing comments on other people’s blog posts, reading other people books and writing about them, etc. etc.

What this means is that I am in the mindset of writing, a place I very much want to be.

My routine so far (it’s day 9 after all):

  1. 8-9 am Get up and get some exercise (Tennis or Yoga) to get the blood flowing.

  2. 9-10 am Answer emails, catch-up on news and push along the various chases for stories

  3. 10-noon Write in the moleskin (where I write the novel I am currently working on. The finished casebooks are in the computer, transcribed)

  4. noon-2pm Leave the house. Even for coffee, but actually leave. This is free time, so anything I want can fall in here.

  5. 2-3pm Blog and read other blogs and comment

  6. 3-4:30pm Read over the moleskin and write some more. Send out a query letter to an agent or publisher.

So far I have not set myself a word-count goal (since my moleskin doesn’t come with word-count ; ) but I have a 5 page rule as a minimum when I sit down to write. What do you guys do? Any suggestions for my above routine? Too stringent? Too lax? Hakuna Matata?

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