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Globe and Mail review of Trip of the Dead

“In case you need a little humour with your thrills and chills, check out Trip of the Dead by Angela Misri (Dancing Cat Books, 9-12), the hilarious sequel to her comical zombie thriller, Pickles vs. The Zombies. Trip, the intrepid raccoon hero of her earlier book, with a little help from his feline friend, Ginger, and Emmy the Wonder-Hamster, leaves his pet humans and sets off on a quest to see if rumours that raccoons are being held hostage in a zombie-free encampment are true.”


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Globe and Mail review of The Detective and the Spy

“If Sherlock Holmes had a granddaughter, she’d definitely be a clever and devilishly curious woman like Portia Adams. That’s what Misri – who has written several essays on Holmes, as well as three other Adams books – believes and she’s convinced me.” 


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Interview with CBC's Shelagh Rogers for The Detective and the Spy

“Misri has a love for the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and has written several essays on the subject. She's also the author of Portia Adams Adventures series, featuring a budding detective named Portia Adams who has inherited 221B Baker Street — the former offices of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.” 


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CM Magazine review of Pickles VS the Zombies

5 STARS! “Pickles vs. the Zombies is a fun read that takes a typical zombie narrative but tells it from the perspective of the pets left behind.” 


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Quill & Quire review of Pickles VS the Zombies

“An exciting, disbelief-suspending, animal-led narrative with unusual twists can be difficult to pull off, but Misri succeeds with a story that is entertaining from start to finish.” 


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Kirkus review of Pickles VS the Zombies

“Misri artfully leaves gorier details to the imagination, so readers who really don’t thrill to blood and guts can focus on the adventure rather than the body parts. A rousing odyssey.” 


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Quill & Quire review of Jewel of the Thames

“Even for teens who haven’t yet encountered Doyle’s stories, Portia Adams will prove to be a whip-smart, worthy new heroine.” Reviewed by Laura Godfrey 


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